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Locksmith services in Calgary, AB

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Family Man Lockworks Locksmith Calgary Alberta Car Keys Home Keys


Installing security products correctly and up to code not only makes your doors operate smoothly, but also (as intended) stops unauthorised entry attempts as seen in this photo. Proper Grade 1 and Grade 2 products can ONLY withstand their proper UL, Fire and Burglary ratings IF they are properly installed.

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Family Man Lockworks Locksmith Calgary Alberta Car Keys Home Keys


Free Support!

Customers can misplace their original user manual - that's why Family Man Lockworks has a database of manuals for reference. Many programming questions can be answered over the phone or through email, and a copy of most keyless entry lock manuals can be emailed to the customer for FREE months and even years after purchase.

*** Customer's user codes or programing codes ARE NOT KEPT on file or in any database to protect the customer's privacy***

24 hour Locksmith Rates in Calgary, AB. Price Does NOT Increase After-Hours or on Weekends. Call Family Man Lockworks at 403-404-5625.

View Family Man Lockworks's A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau website

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